Connect Video

Promotional video
Client: Dexter + Chaney
Tools: After Effects, Premier Pro, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator
Deliverables: Concept, Videography, Editing, Motion Graphics

January 1, 2014

Creating a Conference Promotional Video

While working for Dexter + Chaney, I created the “Hello!” video to promote the company’s 2014 users’ conference. The annual conference, Connect, brings together hundreds of the software’s users for several days of networking, hands-on training and camaraderie.

Original Footage

At the previous year’s Connect, I shot brief interviews of attendees. Conducting the interviews and shooting the footage myself gave me an advantage when it was time to create the conference promotional video for 2014. I knew exactly what I had to work with.

I edited the video interview footage with Premiere Pro and cleaned up the audio in Adobe Audition. Once the raw videos were ready, I took them into After Effects to add the motion graphics.

Motion Graphics

For a conference promotional video I wanted something more than just a series of talking head interviews. I needed to convey a lot of information in a very short time. Make it personable. And hopefully, a little entertaining.

To do that I chose a mixture of motion graphics and interview footage. The interviews made the video personable and showed the value of attending by having real customers share what they got out of the conference. The motion graphics presented the details about the upcoming conference and how to register.

Putting It All Together

I used After Effects to create a mix of original motion graphics and customized templates for the video. Then I added titles to the interview footage and combined them with the motion graphics. The result is a one minute 51 second conference promotional video to announce the 2014 conference.

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