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I am a freelance copywriter based in Seattle, Washington. I support artists, craftspeople, and small business owners with a variety of writing and marketing services.

The goal of copywriting is to move the reader to act. By using appealing, intuitive, and precise copy I help build your brand, forge a bond with your audience, and generate momentum that leads to sales.

Services Include

Blog Posts
Online Articles
Magazine Stories


Email Marketing
Newsletter Creation
Social Media Marketing

Content That Connects

Copy written from the reader’s point of view helps you become likable. That leads to them reading more, which in turn provides you an opportunity to show your expertise. And that results in trust.

Content That Converts

Whether online or in print, well organized content is imperative. Social media has turned us into a world of skimmers. We all do less and less reading and more scanning.

I can help you develop the templates, scripts, and outlines to deliver value to your audience no matter how much they read.

Copywriting vs Content Writing

Copywriting generally is short form writing that asks the reader to do something—the call to action. In fact, some of the shortest copywriting can be enhancing the text of the CTA buttons on your website.

Content writing, on the other hand, is long form writing aimed at building your brand or keeping you top-of-mind with your customers and prospects. Things like email broadcasts, drip campaigns, blog posts, and articles.

I can help you create a holistic approach to your content assets.

“Todd is always the person I’ve gone to for… getting the right branding on new products and offerings… and presenting it in a simpler and more compelling approach to our clients and prospects.”

Scott Rosenbloom,
VP Product Strategy

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