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Web Design

Client: Rainer Klett German and English
Language Services

Tools: WordPress, Divi, Affinity Photo & Designer

Deliverables: Consulting, Web Design, Copywriting

Custom 6-Page WordPress Site

One thing I enjoy about being a freelance web designer is that I have the opportunity to work on a variety of websites. It’s always fun to dig in and learn all about a new business.

In this case, there was already a site the owner wanted to update and make more compelling.

Highlighting A Variety Of Services

One aspect of this project was that Rainer provided a variety of services including translation, voice-over, and interpretation. I created landing pages for each service and we added a blog section. Something that was new for the site, but should go a long way in helping with the site’s SEO and SERP rankings.

Side-By-Side Examples

The custom WordPress design included side-by-side examples of translation between German and English. To keep navigation simple and more compact the translations are presented in an accordion format.

The voice-over page features galleries for both audio and video examples of Rainer’s work. Again, to keep things more direct the examples are presented in a portfolio grid format.

Handcrafted with ❤️ in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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