Zest Magazine

Web Design

Client: Salon/Spa

Tools: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

Deliverables: Content Strategy, Design, Writing

Custom Content Adds Zest

I created the custom content strategy and design for Zest magazine. Services included editorial planning, brand insight, and graphic design. I worked with the spa to develop a publication that was informative and entertaining while reinforcing the spa’s sustainable beliefs.

Using Design For Good

Zest for a natural life helped the spa educate their clients about how to make green living choices and to use their spending power to bring social and environmental change to the community. The custom content includes a mix of environmental news, natural health and beauty tips and community stories to establish the spa as a thought leader in their field.

Bringing It All Together

I used Illustrator and Photoshop to create the graphics and art. The magazine design and layout was created using InDesign.

Contemporary typography, careful selection of photography and clean design augment topical editorial. The result is a magazine that provides readers with an emotional connection and encourages them to act.

Handcrafted with ❤️ in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

© 2000-2024 Todd Hagler

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